A Study in Destination Development

“This donation from the Team Lansing Foundation has given our area youth an improved facility, and created a site that is a regional draw for tournaments, which helps out the local economy. It’s a classic win - win.”

Rick Schmidt
Athletic Director
Holt High School

PROBLEM: A local school had sufficient baseball facilities, but due to inadequate fencing, lost out on opportunities to host weekend tournaments for which it was otherwise perfectly suited.

SOLUTION: The Greater Lansing Sports Authority saw the need; the Team Lansing Foundation assessed the potential, and then responded by facilitating the purchase of temporary, removable outfield fences.

RESULTS: The school hosted the Triple Crown Baseball Tournament as well as the BPA Under-11 World Series, and is now a desirable regional option for baseball and softball tournaments of all sizes.


The mission of the Team Lansing Foundation is to champion destination development in Greater Lansing through education, research and participation with initiatives that enhance and elevate the value of the tourism
assets within our community.


Thomas M. Collins
Traverse City Leasing, Inc.

John Rosendahl, CTA
Halo Branded Solutions
Vice Chair

Kelly Rossman-McKinney
Truscott Rossman
Secretary / Treasurer

Mayor Virg Bernero
City of Lansing

Jack Schripsema
CEO, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Paula Cunningham
Capitol National Bank

Bonnie Knutson, Ph.D., CTA
MSU School of Hospitality Business


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