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The Greater Lansing Tourism Ambassadors Program is a certified professional designation presented by the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau that serves to increase tourism by educating and inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience.

The premise is simple. If front-line employees and volunteers (those who come into immediate contact with the visitor) provide quality service to visitors (convention attendees, leisure and business travelers, etc.), the visitor is more likely to have a positive experience.

CTA ProgramVisitors who have positive experiences are more likely to return at some point in the future. And, they share their perceptions with their friends. Everyone benefits visitors, hospitality workers and their employees, and the local and regional economies.

This “new future” of tourism is accomplished by customizing a program for the Lansing region that is more than just training…it’s certification. Successful candidates will receive the designation of Certified Tourism Ambassador™ (e.g. John Smith, CTA) and will renew their certification on an annual basis to maintain their knowledge and skill base. The GLCVB has partnered with Mickey Schaefer and Associates, LLC to present this nationwide certification program that is rapidly being adopted by CVBs across the country. To date, over 10,000 individuals have achieved the CTA designation nationwide, with over 20,000 expected by 2016.

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Stay Connected

For the first time, you can connect with other front line employees and volunteers - through the CTA program!!

Powerful tools have been developed by the CTA Network to help you connect with one another, share ideas, and share information to help visitors, including:

Find a Fellow CTA - The CTA Directory! Search locally or nationally. Search by name. Search by Company. Search by Industry Segment (hotel, airport, transportation, etc.).

Connect Online - CTAs will be able to connect with other CTAs, locally and nationally through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Refer a Friend - An easy-to-use feature that helps you send an email to friends you believe would like to become a CTA. Refer many friends, as you're entered into a drawing for great prizes for each one you refer!

CTAs In Action - Check out photos of CTAs in Action and submit a CTA in Action photo of yourself or a fellow CTA in our monthly CTA Spirit Photo Contest and win a $50 American Express Gift Card!

CTAs In The News - Read articles about CTA programs around the country.

Use these tools to create a powerful connection to your fellow CTAs!!!

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Stay Informed

There are a myriad of trends facing the travel & tourism industry - girlfriend vacations, people traveling with pets and voluntourism, to name a few. Unless you're a member of a professional industry association, you may not have access to the unique aspect of these trends and how they impact the industry - and YOU!

That's why this site is dedicated to bringing you current information through:

Industry Highlights - Information on local and industry trends

Timely Info - Latest, Local Happenings (Read & Submit Items)

Helpful Links - Local and National links for quick access to information

CTAs make a habit of being informed - they say since becoming a CTA they now:

  • Pay attention to Billboards
  • Read special Newspaper inserts
  • Visit attractions and websites

Staying informed is a great way to Stay In The Know.

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Stay Professional

The Importance of CTAs

CTAs are unique - they're special - because they care about being the best they can be! They strive to be professional in everything they do.

Employers are seeking CTAs, because of these traits AND because CTAs care about the experience visitors have in their destination. They go the extra mile.

Call it courtesy, call it professionalism, call it CTA Pride. Whatever you choose to call it, it's unique - and it sets CTAs apart from others.

Ongoing Education, Grammar & Career Tips

CTAs are committed to growing their professionalism through ongoing education, such as CTA Networking Events, seminars, Grammar & Etiquette Tips (is it "Me and John went" or "John and I went?) and first-hand experience with attractions and other activities that help with their annual Renewal of Certification.

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Upcoming Events

No events are scheduled at this time. Please check again soon!

Download the brochure for more information.

Blog post: Becoming a Certified Tourism Ambassador for a Better Stronger Greater Lansing
by Mike Bowler, Sr.


The mission of the Team Lansing Foundation is to champion destination development in Greater Lansing through education, research and participation with initiatives that enhance and elevate the value of the tourism
assets within our community.


Thomas M. Collins
Traverse City Leasing, Inc.

John Rosendahl, CTA
Halo Branded Solutions
Vice Chair

Kelly Rossman-McKinney
Truscott Rossman
Secretary / Treasurer

Mayor Virg Bernero
City of Lansing

Jack Schripsema
CEO, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Paula Cunningham
Capitol National Bank

Bonnie Knutson, Ph.D., CTA
MSU School of Hospitality Business


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